Woodworking Jigs - Save Time
and Get Better Results

The best woodworking jigs are simple in nature. They are usually designed for one specific purpose and are seldom used as a multi-purpose type of tool. In fact, if you're in the woodworking hobby long enough, you'll no doubt build dozens of jigs for many different projects.

Jigs are immensely great time savers. A simple jig that takes minutes to build can result in hours of saved labour. Imagine trying to cut dovetails by hand and have them fit accurately first time around, and you will soon see the wisdom in having a jig for the purpose.

Cutting perfect dovetail joints is easy with the right equipment. With a dovetail jig and a router, you'll be able to make beautiful looking joints for your projects.

The usefulness of wood working jigs in the home woodshop cannot be overstated. They allow even novice woodworkers to create consistent, professional results that were once only attainable by skilled craftsmen with years of experience and knowledge.

There's probably a jig available somewhere for every conceivable woodworking task. Many are so easy to build, it would be silly to buy them. Others require precise machining that would be out of reach of most home woodworkers, and are best bought.

I have a simple rule when it comes to woodworking jigs. If it takes longer to make the jig than it takes to complete the project, I'll probably buy rather than make it. There are of course exceptions to every rule, and if I feel like I'm likely to use it more than just once or twice, it might be worth taking the time to make.

Below you will find how-to free woodworking jig articles as well as articles on the use of store bought woodworking jigs and fixtures.

Woodworking Jigs

Kreg pocket hole jig

Review of the Kreg pocket hole jig

Pocket hole joinery has become quite popular with cabinet makers in recent years. It's quick, requires no glue and makes a fairly strong joint. A guy with a pocket hole jig can put together a lot of joints in a day, and to cabinet makers, time is money.

Part 2 — Building drawer boxes with pocket hole joinery is easy, quick and makes a very strong drawer. You can use your Kreg pocket screw jig to build nice looking drawers that look factory made.

Dovetail Jigs

Dovetail joints are very pleasing to the eye and convey a sense of quality workmanship. Cutting them by hand though is time consuming, finicky work that's best left to traditional craftsmen who have years of experience under their belts. Us common folk have an easier way.

With a router and a dovetail jig we can quickly produce excellent results in any kind of wood. The hardest part is setting up the jig. After it's set up, it's simply a matter of following the templates with the router.

Hinge Mortising Jig

There's no better way to cut a mortise for a door hinge than with a router. But the narrow part of the door where the hinge goes makes it hard to clamp a router guide.

The solution is to build a simple 90 degree right angle jig that allows it to be clamped to the door and guide the router through the complete cut. Simple and effective.

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