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When I bought my first table saw, almost thirty years ago now, there really wasn't much information available on them except for what I could find in magazine ads. The only other source of info was the limited supply from local merchants. Not a lot of help when you consider how much you have to shell out for a decent saw.

That's certainly not the case today, no matter where you live. With a click of your mouse you have access to more information than you know what to do with.

The problem is that it's spread all over the place, and you have to search for it... all over the place.

I found this out when I was looking for a new saw to replace "old faithful", who sadly bit the sawdust after a long and courageous struggle with worn-out-itis.

This website puts all that information in easy to understand, detailed table saw reviews -- all in one place. And, it only includes the stuff you really need to know to make an informed decision. No fluff.

What else will you find here?

How about:

  • Safety tips. (Like how to keep your wife from finding out how much you really paid for your saw.)
  • How to make useful saw jigs and accessories.
  • Tips on saw maintenance and alignment.
  • Joinery methods and their uses.
  • How to evaluate used table saws -- before you buy.
  • How to get rid of all the sawdust you're going to make.

That's just for starters. As this site grows, so will this list.

My wife keeps telling me there's more to life than piddling around in my workshop, and if I ever find out what it is, I'll let you know about that too.

Working with wood is probably one of the most enjoyable hobbies there is. You can create a beautiful piece of furniture or a birdhouse and still feel like a master craftsman. Your table saw plays a big part in that.

Table of Contents

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Woodworking Terms and Terminology
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Best Woodworking Jigs For Your Woodshop
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Useful Woodworking Hand Tools and Gauges
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Table Saw Router Table For The Contractor Table Saw - Router Extention How To
Build a table saw router table and make use of that unused area between the fence rails of your contractor saw or hybrid. Part one, building the frame...
Table Saw Blades - Table Saw Blade Reviews and Articles
The more you know about table saw blades, the easier it is to choose the right blade for the job at hand. It's also important to know how to take care of them so they stay sharp and productive. These articles help take the mystery out of woodworking saw blades...
Woodworking Joints - An Introduction to Woodworking Joinery Techniques
A good understanding of woodworking joints is essential if you want the projects you're building to last. An assembly subjected to strong forces needs an equally strong wood working joint...
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Bosch Table Saw Review - 4100, 4100-09, 4100DG-09
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Table Saw Tips and Table Saw Techniques for the Home workshop
Table saw tips and techniques are a valuable resource for novice woodworkers looking to expand their knowledge of this workshop centerpiece...

Safety Disclaimer

Throughout this site are photos showing the table saw being operated without a guard and/or splitter attached to the saw.

This is solely for the purpose of getting a clear photo to explain a procedure or technique and should not be construed as safe operating of a table saw.

You are responsible for your own safety when operating your table saw and you should follow all proper safety procedures when doing so.